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General Search Tips

Search Tips & Tricks
1. Open Advanced Search
2. In Search options under Find Threads with Prefix select appropriate prefix. For Example: If language of the video you are trying to post is Hindi then -
  • Select Hindi if the video is from Mainstream Hindi Else Select Bgrade
  • If Bgrade, it is also good practice to additionally select Mallu prefix as many Mallu Movies/videos are dubbed and released in other language
you can make multiple prefix selections by holding down CTRL key.

3. Under Search by Keyword enter one or more words. If you know the movie name then start with that first. Example: Superman
Select or make sure Search Entire posts option is selected under the Keyword

4. If you don't find any results then search with wildcards for example instead of Superman enter Super* (* is a wildcard) or Man* Kash* (for Manthan Ek Kashmakash some might have misspelled such name)

5. Search again with actress/actor name (if you know) using wildcard, for example Simran* if you didn't get any match on movie name. Not everyone gets the actress name right, for example Mumaith Khan video might be posted as just Mumait so searching with wildcard Mumait* will help.

6. If you don't know the actress name or movie name then search with common keywords based on the video scene. For example, if scene has bathroom search with bath* then shower* then toilet* etc. (again * is wildcard and searches bathing/bath/bathroom etc) If actress wearing swimsuit then swim*, bikini*, 2piece*, pool* etc

7. Searching requires practice and patience to go through the results. So just don't browse through first few pages of the results just for the sake of it, go through all of them carefully. Another best practice is to look at various options in Sort Results by. Use Number of Views or Number of Replies and Choose Descending order. Number of Views works better in most cases. Basically your are ordering results by most views. You can also additionally filter by using Find Threads with option, most hot clips would have got atleast one reply.

Using Google image search
  • Make few (atleast 10) proper screen shots from video - clear face, nice "angle" shots etc
  • Do image search in google (drag and drop your image from your computer into google image search)
  • If you get many results then most likely repost. Still not sure go to next step
  • Search xossip and/or masaladesi after the search results are displayed i.e type xossip or masaladesi on the search box. Most times you will get hit on the xossip post and sometimes directly masaladesi post. If no hits on both then it's 50-50.
  • If only xossip and/or match on other sites, see with what names the video got posted in xossip & other sites and search with all those names - first with exact name and second with partial name repeat till you have searched with all names you got in other sites. If no search match for all then 80-90% it's not repost.
  • AFTER you have done all this and still have doubt, make a clear thumbnail of the video (showing duration and multiple screen captures) and ask for help here Your Requests for Videos

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